Friday, March 13, 2009

Lots of Photos, Starts, Progress and Mailings

This is a photo of the Moccasin Slippers that I started. The pattern is Crocheted Moccasin Slippers and my sister wanted to make these while we were together but we made the slippers that turned out to be such a disaster for me instead. So, I started these slippers when I got home and hope she will make them with me. I am using Coats and Clark acrylic yarn in worsted weight for the soles and have not decided on the color for the tops yet.

I have made no progress yet on the Kaleidoscope Afghan for her yet and still have to make the back for the Polish Star pillow front.

The Dr. Who Scarf is on hold right now also but as you can see I did progress past the green stripe finally. The scarf is Knit and is about 15" wide so far and that is with 65 stitches across. I am using scrap yarns so I have a mix of weights and I think that adds to the ambiance of the nature of the scarf. I have a long way to go with this one since it is suppose to be twice as long as a person is tall. Not sure who will get this one yet but it is a great fill in project for when you have extra time. Hump! What is that?

A new start yesterday is this Cabled Baby Blanket that I am really struggling with. But I refuse to let these cable directions beat me. I know how to FP and BP crochet but I am reading the instructions wrong for this combined stitch and have spent a lot of frogging time on this one but will not give up the idea. The book this comes from is Annies Attic Crochet, Lisa's New and Easy Cable Afghans and Throws. I have selected to work the Stone Cavern Hideout Throw Pattern. I am using Simply Soft in the Bright Colors and a "G" hook. So I expect it will be smaller than stated in the pattern even though I am using the same number of stitches.

Next up is a secret project and I only have to make a few 6" squares. I have decided on this color blue in a yarn that is not labeled but feels like light weight. I will be making the cluster corner granny squares using an "H" hook.

I am also continuing to make my variegated yarn 12" granny squares and started another one yesterday. I need to make 20 of these and this is only the 4th. So, I have a ways to go on these also.

I have also bagged up several packages to be mailed out after the middle of the month. I have some Yo-Yo's that I made for one of the girls in my CFAC group, and a Becky's Teddy for the OB unit in the same group, also a pair of slippers and some washcloths for the CFAC group. I have also bagged my Rose and Pineapple Doily for the store at CFAC, they sell items to buy propane gas for the reservation. I also have my Shell Shawl that needs to be boxed and sent out, this will go to Stitches for Love group. All of these need to be addressed and then will be ready to send out.

I have three other projects I started yesterday but since this is getting so long a post I will save them to talk about tomorrow. Maybe by then I will have good news to report on the Cable Baby Blanket.

Ghost, OUT!

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Scarlet said...

Wow sis, you sure have been busy. You are so organized and together. I wish I were like that. I would love to work up the moccasins with you. I wish we had had the time to do it while you were here.

I am off to work and a business lunch so I will see you when I get home.