Monday, March 9, 2009

Only Two Days Left

Final Days and final project to be done here. This is a photo of the turtle tape measure. He is closed at this point. I used a G hook and scrap yarn once again. There is no pattern as I made this one up in my head. But after seeing sis' apple that she made I am a bit disappointed in mine. I hope she will post hers. She has done so many pretty things while I am here.

Here is photo of him with his head sticking out. There is button on the inside that when you push it draws the tape back in. Mine does not work very well. Alicia collects turtles that is why I decided to make him a turtle but he could of been a bee, ladybug, apple, a leaf, a bear or anything else your imagination could come up with.

There is a story behind this scarf. I was almost done with the green section on this scarf when I realized that the color sequence was wrong. I was not to be working green yet. So, being a bit green on the knitting front I was not sure how to rip out and was just going to rip it all out. Sis would not let me. She took it from me and held it to her breast and said, "I will fix it!" I let her frog off the green and then looked at it and realized I had to transfer the loops to the other needle or I would be working on the back side next. That part was easy I just slipped all the loops onto the other needle and I was ready to begin with the right color. That would be red, then yellow again and then the green. So I am not as far as reported the last time but I am as right as I can be. I will be working on this now for the rest of my craft time here.

Today we are going to breakfast, the salon, and perhaps Michaels. Sis has a busy day tomorrow helping a friend so it will be a busy day for us both. I have to find a way to get all my goodies in the two bags I am going home with. I am not ready to go home. Time went toooooooooo fast!


June said...

I am sad to think of your leaving Calif., too. But Spring is on the way and the dafodils are blooming here. It was 80 degrees today in NC.

Susan said...

cute turtle- would make a good pin cushion too!