Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finishing Up Odds and Ends

Here is sis wearing the Friend Shawl. Find pattern here. I used a K hook and Coats and Clark yarn in Red. The bottom section I added extra shells because I felt the shawl was going to be too small. but after seeing it on sis I know it will be just fine. The neck is a very small opening shape though.

This is a close-up of the shawl. It is really quite easy to follow but something somewhere was off.

This is the photo of the doily I finally finished. Star in a Snowflake is what this one is called. I used #10 Crochet Cotton and a size 7 steel crochet hook.

This one had a lot of Picots in it and those are not my favorite things to make. This is a close up of that section. The colors are blue and white. Like I needed to tell you that. LOL!

Finally, today we made a Becky Teddy. She also has this pattern in knit. Mine is crocheted and I used scrap yarn and filled it with scarp yarn pieces I have been saving from all my other projects. The eyes are purchased plastic eyes from JoAnn's Fabric. They are attached pretty firmly.

Now for the evening I think we are planning on working on the turtle tape measures.


Wendy said...

Oh cool...Turtle Tape Measures...can't wait to see what they are...
Love the bear...I really enjoy making them, they are fast and so cute. I sent a bunch to a nursing home in Indiana, Have not heard if thye were liked...

June said...

Everything you have made looks so very wonderful. Good job! I might try that Friends Shawl later. Scarlet makes a good model!

Sandie said...

Love that shawl. I have saved off the pattern. Thanks!