Monday, March 2, 2009

Went Shopping Today

We got up early this morning had a cup of tea and were out the door to run some errands. We stopped at Wal-Marts and I got a new cotton skirt that is long, and two new blouses. Sis got a bunch of stuff and even some crochet thread and a gauge measurer. We left a night gown that was only five dollars that I think we should of gotten. It was lime green.

After that it was a run to the fireplace store to get a part Nick and Scarlet needed for their fireplace. The part was not in and the man is delivering it to the house tonight. Then it was off to work for sis and back to bed for me. I have had a major case of the sleepies since I have been here.

Sis of course has showered me with gifts while I have been here. Lots of jewelry, pearls I love them, clothing and a sweater that is to die for. There of course there is yarn and my empty suitcase is filling up fast. This is a photo of some of the knitting needles we purchased from Wendy. This is the set that sis got. Mine is the same but with only one bead at the top.

Other than that we have stayed pretty busy doing different things. Right now we are working on doilies and the Polish Star. Look for a video on it in the next day or two. The crochet part is easy and won't be included in the video. The video will be about the chain weaving mostly. We have searched the Internet for information on this and there is none so we expect this to be helpful to those who have wanted to try this technique.


Scarlet said...

You sure are a busy woman. Keep on keeping on sis. '
Love you


Arent sisters great? I dont know where I would be without mine. Bless our sisters... :-)