Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Polish Star Pillow Front

We finally got around to working the Polish Star. This is the Starry Pillow front from the book by Needlecraft called "Crochet Spectacular Polish Stars. The pattern is the second one in the book. This is what the project looks like before you do the weaving of the chains. Pretty wild looking. This part of the project is very easy though there is no difficulty in understanding the crochet directions.

In the weaving process you work row by row completing the weave on your first row of color before moving on the next row of alternating color. This pillow front was 19 rows so we had to repeat the process three times to complete each pattern. You have to be careful as you work that you are grabbing the next correct loop, but having alternating colors really helps with that part. But all those unwoven loops can be confusing and kind of looks like a deranged octipus. Interesting process to say the least.

This is what the Project looks like after weaving. Well, I must admit mine is not perfect as my stars are a bit crooked but they are there and they are right. This was the difficult part for me and sis so we created a video that might help others and you can find it at Polish Star Weaving Video. We spent a lot of time searching the Internet for some help with the weaving of these stars and there is very little out there. But we did find a lot of sites with questions on how it is done. So we made the video in the hopes that it would help the next person who wants to try this. I must admit that this will most likely be my last project using this technique as I did not find it that enjoyable. Actually, other than the weaving I found it rather boring. But the end results are really pretty. Mine is not as pretty as the one in the book but it will pass.

Hope this is helpful to others.


Bunny said...

Oh my! It does look so confusing. I can see where the 2 colors would make it so much easier though.

Isn't funny how nobody sees the mistakes we make but ourselves? Only because we though they are there.
Great job!

June said...

That Polish Star is so impressive. It really looks complicated. Maybe someday I'll try it.

Wendy said...

Thank you so very very much for doing the video..Never have done the polish star and just may have to give it a try now...

Hope you are having loads of fun and lots warmer than we are here...
(Close to 60 on Friday, so they say, we shall see)