Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Few More Things Off My Hook

Sis and I spent the afternoon together crocheting these slippers. They have been on our list for a long time. And I must say I am not thrilled with the results. Don't know if it is me and slippers or if it was the pattern. But mine do not look like the pattern at all. But they are sweet looking just the same. I am glad I made them even though I know I will never make another pair with this pattern. The pattern is Moccasin Slippers. I used a "J" hook as stated, and Coats and Clark worsted weight yarn in Hot Red and White. These are made using double strands of yarn. These will be going to my CFAC group for the elders.

I started this one with the Amazing Star square I made while in California. There is no pattern as I just worked it as I went. I used a "J" hook for this project also and the same yarn as the slippers, Coats and Clark worsted weight yarn in Hot Red and White. This is a Wheelchair bag to fit on the back of wheelchair and will also be going to my CFAC group for the elders.

I am also going to make another wheelchair bag using another orphan project I received. I have three circles, two of which I will make larger and add armchair handles and send to the elders also. This project started out as an afghan that was not completed and I once again was the lucky recipient of the items that were orphaned by June. Not sure how I will work these yet or about the colors but I will post when it is completed. Once again thanks June for allowing me to complete the shine on your work. Hope to have something to show in the next few days.

I feel as though I am finishing lots of little things off my list so I treated myself and took a little turn in the road and made these two Bookmarks for Armina's Patterns over at This and That. Each link will take you to the pattern found there. I used an "E" hook and #3 thread in green to make both of these bookmarks. They both have beads but it is hard to see the bead on the shell bookmark because it is so close in color. Thank you Armina for sharing you talents with us. Not sure where I will place these yet.

My last project to display today is a surprise gift so I can't say much. I used a number 3 steel crochet hook and lime green thread in #10 weight. The pattern is called Dress Bookmark.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Sandy said...

Oh my...the dress book mark is precious!

Good for you getting so many things done. I can't get going again.

Trying to visit all the Bridge team members to say...hey come take a look and see how we're doing/did. Weather here's been cold and wet several days; but the folks under the bridge are getting some relief, as we are having some nice spring days too.


Wendy said...

Hello friend....I got some time to catch up...I just love the little dress book mark, and the others also...the slippers are nice...
Hope you are dong well, and not drowning with all the rain that keeps coming around...

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh!!.. You have been BUSY!! Beautiful work, Ghost! I just LOVE everything I'm seeing here!

Scarlet said...

Great stuff sis and beautiful work as well. I need to finish my other slipper. I think I am going to frog the first one and redo it.

Love you,