Friday, April 24, 2009

Hat and Scarf Set

I have been working on this hat and scarf set while waiting for my brown yarn, yes I am still waiting. the scarf was made with an "H" hook and the yarn is discontinued but is Red Heart Hula in Lemon Fizz. The pattern came off the label of the yarn and I tried to find it by number at Red Heart but could not. The number is SB740-001 and is called Crochet Lacy Scarf, perhaps you will have more luck.

The hat, called Crochet Hat is made with the same yarn but I used an "I" hook instead of the "H" called for. I also added a round of sc as a 14th round. The pattern number is SB740-002.

I must say I am not crazy about the yarn. It is not tightly woven and splits because it is like several strands of #10 crochet thread woven together. It is whimpy and does not hold it's shape but it feels so nice to the touch. Sis wanted the scarf so I will send it to her.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Scarlet said...

OMG SIS!! I thought it was going to Alicia. I feel bad, I don't know what to say except I am one lucky girl.

Love you, it is beautiful.

Bunny said...

The pattern is a very pretty one for the scarf. If you try this pattern again maybe you could use a lighter weight yarn to see how it would work instead of thread. Just a thought.
Great job!

Sandie said...

I thought the scarf looks like autumn leaves. Very pretty. That Sassy Stripes yarn I used recently is labeled 3 (which I think is sport). It might work for this hat pattern.

Sandie said...

After I wrote that I went and checked and it says D.K., Light worsted at the yarn standards site.
So I am wrong. 2 is considered sport. Still might work though. :-)

sissie said...

I like the hat! the scarf is pretty also if you like the big holes:))
you know me my dear no big holes LOL