Monday, April 27, 2009

More Scarves

Remember this scarf from a few posts back. I ran out of yarn and could not finish it. Well today I got the yarn and finished it off. It is a lovely scarf and I think it would make great MAM sections for an afghan. I love the edging that has been put on it even though I hate picots.

You can find the pattern for this beauty at Arachnophobic. I used a "J" hook and Red Heart Super Saver in Coffee. I will make this one again it is really a nice pattern and after seeing it completed and what the edging was like I decided not to go with a different color border. Besides now I have another almost whole skein of brown which I rarely use.

I wanted a skinny scarf to go with the hat I made but did not feel real creative. So I got this pattern Skinny Scarf from and I was not happy with the results when finished. It was more the width of a belt than a scarf. And although I wanted skinny, I did not want it that skinny, therefore I added my own border to the scarf after it was completed as to the pattern. The yarn of course is the final remains of the Red Heart Hula that I had used on the last three projects I did. Funny how far that yarn went. I had three 3.5 oz skeins and got two hats and two scarves out of it.

Hook size for this scarf was an "H". My border was done with two rounds.

Rnd 1: ch 4 chain, sk 2 sc, sc in next stitch all the way around, ending with a sl st in first chain.

Rnd 2: sl st into first loop, *sc, 2 dc, ch 3, 2 dc, sc,* all in one loop, repeat all around, ending with a sl st in first sc.

This will go to my daughter along with the hat I made yesterday. It is a skinny scarf and light weight for summer. Also the picture makes it look like it has large holes but that is because I stretched it for the photo. It is really a lot more dense than it looks but summery at the same time.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Beansieleigh said...

I love the scarves!!.. but as a MAM section for an afghan? I LOVE that idea too!! I may just do that with one of the THREE I'm working on!! Thanks for the idea!

Cherri said...

Beautiful, Ghost. I still LOVE the brown one. :)
Hugs, Cherri

Ghost said...

thanks mom for the lovely scarf and hat they are awesome as usual. sorry for being so negative lately, and thanks for changing that mood with this beautiful gift. i love you berry berry much.