Friday, April 3, 2009

No More Prayers

this will be my last post. Jim is home he is a jerk. all that money to be spent so he can refuse to do what is told him to do. I have thrown my hands in the air and give up on everything. No more prayers needed. Thanks for all the ones you have said.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Therese said...

I hate to see you go. Hang in there. One thing my mom used to tell me when things got tough was that everything will work out ok.
I'm still going to say prayers for you. You are a terrific person.
Take care

Therese said...

also wanted to let you know I love the new look of your site.

Wendy said...

Ghost my thoughts and Prayers will be with you...take care....
Big Hugs..Love ya...

Cherri said...

Aw, Ghost, maybe he's just stubborn. Men are known for that, you know. :) I'll still be praying for you guys.
Hugs, Cherri

Susan said...

ghost- sounds like it is a man-thing.
all men are like that!

Nezumi said...

Ghost remember to look after yourself, he sounds like he thinks what he does only effects him, not you also. He may also just be scared of what is happening to him and is clinging to what he normaly would do to keep in control.
I hope you still keep your crafting going and hopefully you will return.
I will be thinking of you.