Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not Good Surprises

Yesterday, I decided to organize my yarn. I had most of it dumped on my bed when my husband had an attack of the tremors and we had to call 911. He is now in the hospital and we don't know what caused this problem but they are running tests and I spent most of the day up there yesterday and will be doing so again today and possibly tomorrow. I will let you know what we find out, when we know anything. There is so much going on with him these days and it is making me very nervous.

I did have my Dr. Who scarf packed up in a bag so I grabbed that to work on since it is a mindless project of just knit every row. I only got 13 rows added though as it was even hard to concentrate on that. I will be taking that with me when I go up today also. I was not able to start on my mission of the novelty yarns yet so there is no report on what it is and I most likely won't say until the end of the month but do appreciate all your comments and will report back on each one later.

Last night after getting home and clearing off my bed of all the yarn, wish I had taken a photo, I working on the new dishcloth for this month and started a Blue Pineapple doily that is featured in my Thread Addicts group this month. It was designed by Cille one of our members there and I am anxious to give it a try. So many have already and they all look so lovely. Photos to come later.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Cherri said...

Ghost, I'll keep you and your husband in my prayers. Keep us updated. :(
Hugs, Cherri

Bunny said...

I am so sorry to hear that your husband is in the hospital. I will be sure to keep him and everyone involved in my prayers.
I know you will update us as you can. We are here for you my friend.

June said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband.

Wendy said... thoughts and prayers will be with all of you....Please let us know as you know....
BIG hugs coming your way...

Sandie said...

Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear about your dear hubby. I hope they find the cause of his problem very quickly and he is soon home with you. I'm glad you have a project to have with you to work on when you feel like it. Please keep us posted. You will both be in my prayers.

Therese said...

I will keep you both in my prayers also.

sissie said...

you and your hubby are both in my prayers!


Sandy said...

Sorry to hear about your hubby, hope things have improved.