Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flower Garden Square

Well, I am all caught up with my squares from the Calendar Mystery Square Afghan. This is the May square and is called Flower Garden. It is another beauty by April. I am enjoying these squares and can't wait to see what is coming for June.

As stated before my yarn is Caron One Pounder and my hook size was a "J". We are almost half way through the year now but not quite.

No crochet for me today as it is Sunday so there most likely won't be a post tomorrow unless something of interest comes up in today's events. I plan on watching some videos today about Tibet, and doing some organizing of my files and reading a few chapters in my Twilight series. I am reading from "Eclipse" right now and over half way through. It is a great series.

I have started my Jan Mystery scarf pattern also but only have about 3 and a half rows done on it but when it is done I will be caught up with the scarves also. Feels good to have some things behind me or at least close enough to say almost done. I do have some other ideas for afghans I want to make in the future. OH, and I did start another knit dishcloth yesterday but it is a repeat and more about that when I finish it.
That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Cherri said...

Another beautiful square, Ghost. The dishcloth below is very pretty, too. Enjoy your Sunday!
Hugs, Cherri

Bunny said...

The squares are coming out so nice!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Ghost! My gosh, I'm gonna be behind if I don't get my square done! I'll have to get going on mine!

I am reading Twilight also!.. but I am still only on the first book. I LOVE the story!!... The problem is picking the book UP... INTO MY HANDS.. sitting down and READING IT! I really must be some kind of spazmanian devil, that I have to force myself to sit down.. to do something I really do love to do.. READ!!! I'll see if I can fit some reading in today! (Have you seen the movie yet?)

Well.. Hope you had a very nice weekend anyway! (0;

Scarlet said...

All of you work is beautiful sis. I love looking at your blog, it is so pleasing to the eye.

Sandy said...

How did I miss seeing this square before? It's beautiful. Today, I'm visiting all bridge team members.