Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cable Baby Blanket

This is the next project I have to complete this year. I am close but not sure I will make it. I have worked so hard that my thumb is acting up again. And of course I had to set up my new computer which I am currently using. I LOVE IT! I was making the squares from the book 63 Cable Stitches to Crochet. I am using a 'G' hook and Starlet yarn in light blue. I was going to make all cable squares but decided that it would take too long.

So as soon as I proved to myself that I could make cable squares, I changed my pattern to large granny square. This shot shows the pattern I am developing. It is not completed as yet. I believe I still about 10 rounds to go then the border.

My plans at this point are to make it all in one color and it is promised to an unborn baby in California. A friend of mine and sis' named Katherine is going to have a grand-baby soon. Due date is Jan. 10th. I hope I complete it before then and still have time to ship it.

I am also going to making some hats to help sis out with a promise she made while in San Diego. She said she was going to post information about it on her blog so keep your eyes peeled if you would like to help the cause.

In the meantime, I will continue to work on the blanket and post the finished product when done. Thanks for looking.

Ghost, OUT!


Wormie said...

That blanket is so pretty! I'll need to check out that cable book, too!

Sandy said...

FABULOUS!!! Love the pattern, the color and wow...the way you've put this together, what an interesting border. Please share when you are done. Sorry to hear about your thumb, do take care.


Bunny said...

Hi Ghost! Love the blanket. It came out so nice!
Want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy new year.