Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Something New For Me

This something new I am buying for myself. I am so excited to use it but am still in the process of transfering files. I am buying it on time and Sis and Nick got it for me now, so I would not have to wait. Then I will pay them back.

I love the large screen and the fact that it is all wireless, even the mouse which is a new type called the Magic Mouse. You can read all about it by clicking the link. It also comes with a new flat and sleek keyboard. Oh lucky me!

Ghost, OUT!


Pammy Sue said...

Ooooo! Aren't you all fancy pants now! How fun. Very nice.

Wormie said...

Wow!! What a treat!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, this is wonderful!! Enjoy! ~tina