Monday, December 21, 2009

Motif Monday ~ Return of the Six Pointed Star

Decorating Day - Written on 12/10/2001

Dashing through the house in a frenzied sort of way, through the halls and rooms making sure the decorations are complete, checking last minute chores sprucing this and rearranging that. Yelling, "Oh, help! Look what has broke."

Each on a mission, as we bustle along, being so careful to stay out of each other's way. Such fun it is on decoration day preparing, baking and humming a carol as we wrap up the gifts. But how do you wrap up a HUG? It is the perfect gift you know, one size fits all and no one minds if you return it.

Busy hands and happy hearts aglow we rush to and fro. Must get ready for that Jolly Ole' Elf, the Main Man that always wears red. Our thoughts are running toward that magical night and we stop to hang that beautiful wreath right here. The tree is so pretty all adorned with the lights, each ornament special from many past years. We think in our heads I wonder if we will have snow, probably not but then you never know. You can feel the mystical aura that hangs in the air and smell the aroma of pine, pies and cookies baking with care.

Oh yes it is a wondrous time of year, as we make ready for that day of cheer. All done. No more dashing about, now all is ready and all that is needed is to don a cozy warm robe, and fuzzy slippers; sit back, kick up your feet, relax and enjoy all that you achived.

Since it is Monday I wanted to post about the way that I used one of the Motifs I made last week. Do you remember the Six Pointed Star pattern from Suzies Yarnie Stuff site that I made. Well, I decided to use it as the center for a flower on a hat that I am making. I got the hat and flower pattern at Feather Wings Blog. I worked the hat as stated in the instructions adding one increase round. But I the flower I made some adjustments too. I did add the Star in the center and also added a fourth round of 2 sc in each stitch on the final flower (in this case the blue part). I used scraps for the flower and the flocked cotton ribbon yarn that I used for the Baby Sack, for the hat.

Ghost, OUT!


Nezumi said...

The flower is very pretty and looks so good on the hat. All the colours enhance each other really well :)

Sandie said...

Beautiful hat and the flower really dresses it up. Nice job!