Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Surprise! ~ For Me

As a Jehovah Witness who does not accept Christmas gifts, but can accept them as long as they are not given to me as Christmas gifts or on Christmas day. So my daughter surprised me on Thursday with this adorable gift that she ordered special for me. She knows I love ladybugs and said that she was giving it to me now so that she could respect my wishes as a Witness. She is ever so thoughtful.

Isn't it wonderful, a T-shirt with my three grandkids names on top and my three childrens names below them. Such a personal gift. I was so surprised and happy that tears came to my eyes. She gets so excited when giving or receiving gifts that she cried too!

But that is not all. I also recieved two more surprises in the mail on Friday and I am so delighted with both.

First was this great gift that I do not have one of and a small bookmark from my dear friend June, over at She Spins Wool. It is called a Handi Tool and is used to help you with stitches while using, for one, a spoolie, it also has other uses like using with a KK loom or picking stitches up in your work. One end is a crochet hook and the other is like a knitting needle point. Great idea. I will be using this next year for sure.

Second but hardly least was a heap of bookmarks from my sister Scarlet from Scarlet's Yarn Barn. I do a lot of Bible study and these will sure come in handy. Thanks to you both you have each had a tremendous part in making my week special.
That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

What nice surprises! That handi tool sounds like a good tool to have. I'll have to check that out.

June said...

Glad you liked the Handi Tool. I was not aware that you did not receive Christmas gifts (being a Jehovah's Witness)...guess we learn something every day.

Wormie said...

That t-shirt is darling! Isn't it nice to receive such thoughtful surprises?!

Janet Happy Girl said...

Your gifts are lovely. Thank you for sharing them with us. I see you like kitties too. If you see my blog today you will see the newest addition to our family.