Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calendar CAL Finished

LINK for Flat Braid Technique:
LINK for Yarn information about Ghan:

Finished the Calendar CAL Afghan that was hosted by April over at Dishcloth Diaries. This was Dec. square called Mistletoe. I think it is a beautiful square and it has little berries that pop if you look closely.

I believe that April intends to give a border but as for me at this point I consider it completed. If April adds a border I will also. I assembled my squares using The Flat Braid Technique.

Yesterday I also made another Hat and Scarf Set for Metro Hotel Group. I used Bernat Bright Lights in Purple Passion and Country Blue. This is a bulky weight yarn and the crochet went quickly. I used an "M" hook. It took four skeins to make the scarf and hat set. The scarf was worked with HDC on 100 stitches for 7 rows. The hat was made using my usual hat pattern and I made adjustments for yarn weight and hook size.

That is all that I have to report today. I think I see a lot of hats in my future.

Ghost, OUT!


Pammy Sue said...

Oh, your Calendar CAL blanket is beautiful!! I just really love browns so much. It's so gorgeous. You must be so proud of it. Great job.

(It makes me want to keep doing the CAL I was doing with brown squares. GAH!)

Pammy Sue said...

What kind of yarn did you use?

Wormie said...

That December square is gorgeous!!!

Congrats on the baby!

Carol said...

I am not familiar with a flat braid to join squares. Any chance you would post an explanation? I love the look! You do beautiful work.

June said...

Love the afghan and the hat/scarf! As always, your work is 1st rate!

Crochet Christy said...

I lovelove the afghan! So rich and warm-looking.

Pam said...


Ghost!! you have a wonderful taste!


SANDY said...

The ghan turned out fabulous; not that I'm surprised all your creations do. I'm not familiar with that method of joining, must take a look at it.

Fun fun colors in your hat and scarf set...someone will be not only warm, but stylish in that.

Keep up the good work

Rima said...

That blanket is beautiful!

Susan said...

I love the colors in your afghan !
looks warm !

Sandie said...

What a nice ghan! I kept meaning to do that CAL but other things interfered. It's a great site though. Good job! Love the shiny hat and scarf too. I like that Bright Lights yarn. I've used it before. Really makes a nice showing I think.