Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In A Funk

Sorry I have not been a good blogger or visitor lately. I am in a winter funk and really not feeling like myself lately.

I have not done a lot of crochet but have done some. I have worked on the pet pad until I ran out of magic ball. It is not big enough yet. Only about half done so I will have to wait for more scraps before finishing it. But that is not a problem there are always scraps.

I also made a snowflake. A kind of side track item that was made spur of the moment. Scarp yarn was used in Light weight yarn and an an "F" hook. I will use it on one of the hats I will make.

Then I also made this scarf which is a non pattern pattern. Using scraps again, I am a scrappy type person, I just used up what little I had left in my bucket. I used an "H" hook and worked across 19 stitches using sc all the way. The scarf is about 75" long. I separated each color with two rows of black to make the colors pop. Then bordered the entire scarf with a round of sc in black.

Lately I have been watching Dirty Jobs on Tv and what should develop on my window but a spot just like the ones you see you on the Dirty Job opening shot. Mind you I have lived here for over 10 years and this has never appeared on my windows before now. I think someone is trying to tell me something.

Ghost, OUT!


Pam said...

do you have an idea of that spot in your window?? Is it from a bird?? Don't think so.. how a bird would put that spot in your window.. jjajajajaja... this happens only to my imagination.. jajaja..
it's weird...
If you figure out the origin, let me know... please.



Sandie said...

I love that scarf. I like using scraps too occasionally. I've been making the yo yo, granny's daughters, and saltines with mine, but now of course I want to make a scarf. LOL I think I even have some black and could do just as you did. You always inspire me.

sally said...

hi diana...the colors used in the scarf really do "pop"...great idea using the black color for definition...the snowflake will be a cute addition to a future sandy stated you continue to inspire.

Wormie said...

I love your scarf!
Hope you're feeling better soon!

Pammy Sue said...

Hello there. I just wanted to let you know that is a different "Pam" who made the first comment on today's entry. I hadn't gotten around to reading anything and saw your comment and couldn't remember what "spot" you were talking about. I thought I was crazy or you were, but now I understand what happened. ;)

Love your scrap scarf.

Bunny said...

Good morning Ghost. I used to get in a funk a lot back home during the winter. Down here not so much. I guess because I can get out here more often. Hope you feel better soon.
Love the scarf! Great job as always!