Monday, January 25, 2010

Gourmet Crochet CAL

I have begun a new CAL for this year. It is taking place at Gourmet Crochet. This ghan will be worked in strips, but you can see the layout at her site. I am planning on adding two more strips than she has as I want to add one rectangular strip to each side of the ghan so there would be a total of four rectangle strips.

It began at the first of the year but I am only just now getting started working on the squares. And it seems she is almost finished. I am slow. I am working with Primary Colors in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and will add either black or white. My yarn is worsted weight in Caron and Red Heart and my hook is an "I". This is really a variation of one stitch done in many different ways and I think it is interesting.

Ghost, OUT!


Vivian said...

I was hoping the spam didn't mean you were planning to stop blogging. Glad to see that you'll stay with it. I saw your progress on the granny ripple baby blanket and I was amazed! I think you crochet very quickly.


Sandy said...

How many CAL's have you done? I've never done one. Curious, how exactly does it work. Someone starts it and people only do a portion each week? Or does everyone just work on one pattern together and discuss it?

The primary colors will be nice, bright and cheery. Do you have a wee one this will be? Reminds of crayons and kids. The colors that is.


Sandie said...

I saw those spam messages. People can be jerks. Glad you took care of it and moved on. I printed out two of those squares for possible scarves. You always give me such great ideas! Now if only I would follow through on them all. Thanks!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh, hey.. You're doing all kinds of fun stuff! Love the colors you're using too!! (I'm even having fun feeding your fish up above here!) ~tina