Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gourmet Crochet CAL Progress

My afghan will have a total of seven strips. I have currently completed, without borders, three strips. I am working on the center strip which will be green. It will contain squares with stitches of fpdc and bpdc. Then I have to make at least 12 more rectangles for two more strips and one more strip of squares. My plans at that point is to start putting the borders on all of these rectangles and squares. Then the final steps of assembly and border. I am a long way from finished but feel I am making good progress in spite of the fact that I have had a couple days of no crochet.

I will have a strip of yellow rectangles on the outside, followed a strip of red squares, then yellow rectangles, green squares, yellow rectangles, red squares again and finally a strip of yellow rectangles. My plan is to border each of these pieces with a round of blue and then cream or tan or white or black. I have not made up my mind yet. I am getting excited though and keep my thoughts on the finished product. I will be making several afghans this year and plan to give them away at some point when the need arises.

Ghost, OUT!


Scarlet@kfu.com said...

It's gonna be a beauty sis. I just love the colors. You have been a busy little bee.

Love you,

Chela said...

So far it looks beautiful!!!!

Dear Ghost,
About the flower my friend took away some of her pages, because need space to store more photos :( I will tell you if she puts those photos back, because it is a beatiful flower to make.
If she doesn't, and you are interested I will send you the instructions.

Have a nice week!!!

Beansieleigh said...

Just looking at these beautiful bright colors, cheers me up already! ~tina