Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hooks That Never Stop

I am still plugging along with the CAL. I have finished the red rows and now have two rows of yellow rectangles to work on.

It seems that Carolyn has introduced a new layout or two and I really like it so I will be adding these small squares to my layout which means I have about 20 small squares to make also. I really like the quilt look of it so I must go with it. The picture above is a particle look at how my first row layout will look before I add the borders which I have not started yet.

And I have not forgotten the Granny Ripple I have also been working on that but it is kind of on the side burner.

I am also thinking of starting another baby blanket with some great yarn sis sent me and I am still dying to do the wooleater potholders. I have pulled the yarn for that project and will report more when I get ready to start.

That's it for today, but just know even if I am not posting each day, I am creating great noise with my hook as it flies.

Ghost, OUT!


Wormie said...

The ripple looks GREAT!

Kate said...

That granny ripple is gorgeous! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has many projects on the go all at once!

Susan said...

love that granny ripple!

Anonymous said...

I just loved this pattern but even with you information nursery favorite by leisure arts it does not seem available here in Canada is it possible to send the pattern by e-mail

thank you


Ghost said...

Sorry Chantal here is the link to the book. I have no way of sending it through email as it is copyrighted here in the states. It is only $3.50