Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Battle of the Neverending Projects To Do

Just a quick update on today's plans. I am continuing to work on the CAL afghan and I have put several more rows on the Granny Ripple. May have some pictures tomorrow.

I am also getting ready to try my hand at the Wooleater pattern I have seen several times, most recently at Pam's site. She has got me itching to start one. I have also seen this done by my Sister Scarlet and at Crochet Dad's place. Although he calls it by another name and shows the back as the front. But in my opinion both sides are very attractive.

Then I also want to try my hand at some Entrelac Crochet. I have sent for three booklets that I hope will help. So, as you can see this year is going to be filled with crochet again for me. It is the battle of the never ending projects to do.

Ghost, OUT!

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