Friday, January 8, 2010

Hubby Home

Thank you all so very much for your caring concern for hubby and myself and for your prayers. He is home now. Came home yesterday and still a bit weak but doing fine. I will be posting a new entry tomorrow.

Ghost, OUT!


June said...

Prayers for you and your husband. Isn't it nice to have something to keep our hands busy while waiting? Hope things continue to go well.

Therese said...

Glad to hear he is home. My prayers are with you both.
Take care

Pammy Sue said...

I know you are glad he's home and you can be too. Wish I was close so I could bring y'all dinner! I promise I wouldn't bring you tuna & peas. (If you haven't been reading my blog, you won't get that.)

Take care!

Wormie said...

Great news! Glad he's home and hope he's back to 100% soon!

Kate said...

We're wishing for a speedy recovery for your dear husband.

Vivian said...

Hi, Ghost,

I am making an effort to "delurk" this week, since Sandie has informed us that this is the week for it. :) I enjoyed your tales of past Christmases that you were posting.

Glad to hear that your hubby is home. I hope you both get rested up and that he's soon feeling like himself.

Sincerely, Viv

Chela said...

Dear Ghost,
Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a message (2).
We are having fun with Ms Simon Waldo's puzzle granny. As you have seen we're doing a friendly challenge.

You have a really nice blog!
I will put it in my favorits list.

Have a great weekend!!!!!
Abrazos! (hugs)

P.D. Glad your husband is feeling better!

Chela said...

...My favourite's blogs list.
Sorry sometimes I spanglish! ;D

Chela said...

Here again!
And the photo from today is from, they have a lot of them (free) but I thin you have to register.
Take care