Saturday, January 9, 2010

Progress on Projects

I did finish another scarf. This one comes from Happy Yellow House for June. I am currently working on another that is kind of a non-pattern pattern.

This is the picture of the Catty Corner Squares I was working on. I will not be more of these but will use them in an afghan that I have planned on doing. It is the Woodcliff afghan.

I noticed as I made these squares that they looked like the epaulets found on some uniforms.

If you remember I started out with three magic balls and now this is a picture of them after chaining them into one large ball. This is the only progress I have made so far on the pet pad. But in all honesty it takes a long time to just make this long chain. The rest will go rather quickly.

It seems like very little progress but considering the week I have had I feel good about.

Ghost, OUT!

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Sandie said...

I sent some squares to CFAC and they were made into a little sweater and hat. I was intrigued with that and mean to try it myself at some point. perhaps your squares could be used in such a way if you don't want to make a complete afghan. I have a photo somewhere...