Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Metro Hotel Project Information

Sis has posted information about the Metro Hotel Project. Just head over to her site and take a look if you want to help out. You can get there by clicking on Sis if you don't have the link already.

Here is a link to the site called "Just Call Us Volunteers" that we are helping out.

Ghost, OUT!


Bunny said...

Hi Ghost. I was here this morning and saw this but, had to leave for work. I will send something out for sure. I will hop over there now and let Scarlet know.
Love the hat and scarf set.

SANDY said...

Wow...I've got another cause I need to read up on. Good of you to post links for us.

I started to read about the one this am before work; but need to go finish reading about it and the 2nd one you've posted.