Saturday, January 2, 2010

Project Progress

Here are some photos of the projects I am currently working on as stated in a previous post.

Hats to help sis out at Metro. I don't know how many I will make but hope to make a goodly number of them before 2011 arrives. This will be an ongoing project. At this point in time I have made three, I took the photo before finishing the third one. These two were made with Red Heart Strata yarn and an "I" hook.

I am working on the Catty Corner Afghan and you can see it by clicking on the link in my side bar. This is a project sis and I chose to work on together year, and I have been anxiously awaiting starting this. After making just this one square and a five other yellow centers, I have decided that this project is ZERO Fun! I may be abandoning the idea of an afghan and just go with a purse on this one. Just too fussy for me. I did make this square using an "H" hook, Mary Maxim Starlet yarn in several colors. It is a lightweight yarn and I love working with it but you do have to be careful of gauge if your making a wearable. Items come out small. This square is about 2 and a half inches square.

And my French Knitting project which is nothing more than making one of those long chains on a spool that we all made as children. Not sure what I will do with this yet but I feel a rug coming on. This too will be a year long project. I am using Red Heart Strata once again. This time in the color called crayon. I have progressed further than this photo also. I have at the time of this writing three colors showing at the bottom.

Another, and final project for right now is, the magic ball project. I want to make my nephew 'Giz' a cat pad of his own. So I am going to crochet what I have right now and wait till I have more balls. Jade loved hers and I think he needs one too. As you can see in the photo I gave no consideration to type of yarn I added to the balls. This will give item a lot more texture. As you can see I only have three magic balls to work with so it may take some time to complete this project also. I am sure after this years crochet there will be more than enough to complete it. This second photos shows the chain I am making. Then I will take the chain after balling it and turn it into a pet pad by crocheting the chain. Still leaving all the tails hang out wherever.

I have not worked on the Calendar Afghan at this point. But it is waiting. Now, my least favorite so far is the Catty Corner Afghan. Not sure where I will go with this one. My favorite so far is the French Knitting. It is so relaxing and takes no brain power. Hope you are enjoying your projects.

Ghost, OUT!


Beansieleigh said...

Your projects are always fun to see when I visit!.. LOVE that little knitting spool you have! It is the CUTEST I've EVER seen! I do remember using one when I was young!.. But it was NOT as cute as yours!.. Have to mention my amazement over the beautiful clock in your previous post as well! BEAUTIFUL!.. Happy New Year! Wishing all the best that 2010 can bring to you, and looking forward to visiting more with you in the year ahead! ~tina

Anonymous said...

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