Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two More Baby Hats

This little hat makes me giggle when I think of a baby's head inside it. I used the magic square pattern to make it and just did not close it but made it more like a pocket then added a round of hdc and fpdc and bpdc for the brim. I added tassels to each corner and that is where the giggles began. I used a "G" hook and Squiggles yarn in white and red. I also added the snowflake motif I made a week ago.

This next hat is for the autumn season of the year. I found the pattern at Fave Crafts. It is an easy pattern to work and I think it came out just perfect. It will be a fun hat to wear I am sure. For this one I used Red Heart yarn in Carrot and an "I" hook. I am very excited about these two hats.

I am currently working on a ripple blanket for the baby also.

Ghost, OUT!


Wormie said...

Cute hats!

Bunny said...

Some little on is going to look so cute wearing these.

Chela said...

Those hats are so cute!!!!!

Dear Ghost, thank you for your nice comment! We had a lot of fun with the granny and the prize was that we met so many friends!

I am doing the red heart too, and others!


June said...

Aaaah! Those hats are so cute! I especially like the pumpkin hat because it is so orange!! heehee. Good work, as always.

Sonya said...

Such lovely little hats! The first one made me giggle as well. I can just picture an angelic little face peeking out from under the hat with the tassels looking like little puppy dog ears! Very nice job you did on both hats!