Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gourmet Crochet CAL Progress

Now, don't look at all the spaghetti under my monitor but look at the stack of parts that I have added the first border round to. I thought I would never get done tying in ends. There were a slew of them, I must say. I am not sure but I may still have to make some small squares but I have an idea for layout that I want to try first. If that does not work out I will have to make 20 small squares before assembling.

This is a photo of the few squares and rectangles that I had added the second edging round too. I still have a long way to go but this process is faster than adding the first edging round. I will get there.

Eight more rectangles to border then the assembly begins. I will be using the Carrot in Red Heart to border them with. They will go in the center of the ghan. So, even though it seems I have been working on this a long time, I am rounding the last bend. But I still have a way to go as there is a border on the outer edges as well. I am not sure what colors I will use for that yet but I know there will be some blue in it. I will have to wait and see how it speaks to me once it is assembled.

Here is where I am now, and I think I have decided on my border colors. I will stay away from blue because I feel like it is a bit over powering now. And I am thinking about some green and some red that I have. I would of laid this out to display but it is not completely assembled yet. I have three rows done and three to go but this join method takes time. It is a bit fiddly but I do so love the look.

I am pushing to get this one done now as I want to start the Crobots and also, remember, the Luna Doggy Pad that I mentioned. Well, I have the pattern for that now and want to start working on it also. I will be huge since Luna is a BIG doggy. Watch for it...coming soon! And since I am finishing one I added another set of Amigurumi characters to my list of things to do. What can I say, "I AM HOOKED ON CROCHET!"

Ghost, OUT!

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