Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Can't Believe It's Almost Butter!

This is the answer to the last post. Did you guess right? It is Butters from the South Park Gang. I can't finish him yet as I have to have some different yarn.

Something that is a little lighter in weight for the pink and black. The head came out a bit bigger than I wanted it to compared to the rest. So I am in a holding pattern on this one. I used Jamie baby yarn for the head but it is too heavy. I used Starlette for the body and hair. I really like that yarn for this project. He is about 2" tall.

In the meantime while I wait I will finish up the CAL ghan. I am almost done with that.

Ghost, OUT!


Carina said...

Hi,my dear friend!!I am visiting you and admiring the beauties that come out of your hands.I like this Butter or Putter,I don´t know anything about him or the South Park Gang, so I´m going to find out a bit more on the web.And your squares for the afghan are sooo beautiful...You have to be a very patient and not at all anxious sort of person!!I wonder whether I could cope with a project like that!!
Oh, and I want to tell you that I felt so flattered that you included me among your 12 picks for the Sunshine Blog Award.Thanks a lot and let me tell you that I never dreamt of being the source of inspiration to anybody,that's why it feels sooo good being considered in that way.I´ve just picked the award and taken it to my blog.I could not do it before because I have been having trouble with my internet conection,it drives me crazy!!
Bear hugs!!

Mel said...

Hi Ghost! Thanks for the lovely comments on my son's scarf - and you didn't miss anything, I just posted that yesterday!! Hope your day is fantastic!! Putter looks great!