Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Projects Started

Or What I am UP Too Now!

Using a "J" hook and Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in Country Ombre I am making this scarf for the Just Call Us Volunteers group (Metro Hotel Group). The pattern is a repeat of five rows and it is very attractive although you can't really tell because of the ombre yarn I am using. You can get Button Spiderweb Scarf Pattern by clicking on the name.

Also on my "L" hook is the All Shawl by Doris Chan. It is such an easy pattern and works up quickly. The pattern can be downloaded from the sidebar on that page. I am using Monet yarn once again and for the trim at the bottom I will be using Caron One Pounder in Soft Sage as a complimentary color.

Finally, the new addition to my current list of items I am working on is this cute little Flower Face Scrubby. These will be given out at the baby shower to each guest as a gift. Not a prize but each person will get one. I am using an "I" hook and Needloft yarn which is a slightly scratchy yarn. But according the label and my sister it does soften up after it becomes wet. She said she uses it daily on her face. I am making these in several colors: Pink, Beige, Black (Charcoal), White and Dark Royal.

I am still making hats and have all the supplies now that I need to complete Butters and also to start the Crobot. So look for that soon.

Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

You are such a busy beaver! Are you making the short scarf? I've not made any of those yet, but it's on my want-to-do list. Nice job on the shawl. Variegated yarns do add to a project, don't they?

sandy said...

Lovely as neck hurts thinking about all the crochet. I just can't do as much at one time as I used to.

Love your color choices too.

inviting all my friends from Sandy's Space to come visiting me on Traveling Suitcase, help me celebrate and enter the contest.

Susan said...

Thanks ghost, I have the crochet book
with lots of shell stitches in it,
I could not tell from your photo if there were 3dc or 2 dc groups on each side of the chain 2 ! lol!