Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby Ripple Hat

One more hat done. This one is called Ripple Baby Hat and was made using the cotton flocked ribbon yarn and Sassy Stripes by Moda Dea in the color Rave. This was a quick hat to work up and would of been even faster if I had not chosen to change colors.

Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

Oh now this is one I have to try immediately. I love ripples. Yours is so cute! I don't think I have any more self striping yarn, but I will have to go have a look. I'm sure it will look fine in a solid color as well - thinking out loud as I type. Thanks for the link. Love the hat!

azbelle said...

Thanks for the link to this pattern, it is so cute! Will definitely have to try it and add it to the pile of baby hats I'm working on.

Bunny said...

The hat came out wonderful. Thanks for the link. Thank you for your comment on my blog about the hat. It sure is one of a kind. lol It took a lot for me to try it but, glad I did. :)

Anonymous said...

How cute! Now I don't have an excuse, not to learn the ripple. Thanks for the link. I've commited myself to make baby hats for a charity on Ravelry. Now I just need to do it.
Thanks, Alma