Monday, February 15, 2010

It's A Golf Tam!

As I was working on hat #11 it started to take a shape that made a light go off in my head. This hat was having a flat top and it made me think of a golfers hat so I changed my direction and started to create what my mind saw.

It is far from perfect and I did not write down the directions but added a French Knit band and two buttons to the bill to make it a little more lavish. I am not sure I will be writing the directions for this one. I just kind of went half way from the back and started with sc for 26 stitches did some decreases on the ends and some hdc in the center then did a sc all around the tam. I used a "G" hook. I added a small pom pom to the top. It is almost Scottish, in a way. Okay, I think it is cute but that is just me.

Ghost, OUT!


June said...

The Golf Tam is so cute!

Pammy Sue said...

Thank you for the compliments on my squares. I want you to know that YOU were also an inspiration for the afghan I'm making with them. I really, really, really love your afghan with the brown and beige squares from the CAL you finished recently. I've been trying to decide what pattern to use to make one with similar colors.


Armina said...

It is a golf tam - looks good.