Friday, February 5, 2010

Second Lotus Scarf

I love this pattern so had to try another attempt at making and doing it right this time. I added a little button to the slide section also. I used and "I" hook and Vanna yarn in Rose Mist. I love the results. Once again you can find the pattern here. This took less than one full skein and I did make it 19" long instead of 16" as required by the pattern. I then blocked it to make it lay flat. I crochet so tightly that the leaves were curling on me, so blocking was necessary in my case. At least now I feel better about my failure the other day.

Ghost, OUT!


Wormie said...

this one looks fabulous!!!

Pammy Sue said...

Very nice! It looks perfect with your stitches so nice and straight. It looks soft too.