Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby Heart Bobble Hat

I worked up this heart for my group at April's Crochet Palette. The pattern comes from Pepika. I used an "F" hook and baby weight yarn in yellow. It is also scrap yarn without a band on it, so I can't give you the brand name. I also did not want to make it in red as most hearts are made in that color. I wanted to use it on something I will make for the baby. I have no idea what yet, but will have it when I need it. The only good picture I could get without it looking over flashed was in the shadows and holding it. I took over 14 shots of this trying to get it to show up right. Sorry for the poor photo.

Here is what I did with that little heart. I made the hat using this pattern as a base, using the same scrap yarn as the heart and adding the cotton flocked ribbon yarn, also an unmarked type yarn and a hook size of "H".

Once the hat was done I added a face to both sides of the heart with magic markers, fine point. Added a little hair to the top knot. Tied it into the center of the top of the hat and I call it a Bobble Heart Hat. I think it will be a fun hat for a baby to wear.

Ghost, OUT!

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