Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sissy Project ~ All Shawl

I will be making more of these shawls calledAll Shawl by Doris Chan. The pattern is so nicely written and thorough in explanation on several levels. I think the results are well worth the effort. Give the pattern a look over and see if you don't think so also. So simple to work up and fast too! Can't believe I finished it in three settings over two days.

This is a project that sis and I worked on together so you can go to Scarlet's Yarn Barn and see her version also. I did mine with the Monet yarn, I believe it is Red Heart but I am not sure. Monet is the color anyway. And for the trim I used Caron One Pound, such a wonderful yarn, in Soft Sage and it is such a beautiful soft color. I love it! I really like sage color anyway. My hook as stated in the previous post was an "L". I crochet tightly, so usually go up a size in hook from the pattern, unless I am using a really light weight yarn. In this case the yarn Monet, was light weight and the hook large and I got what I was going for, which was a lacy look. Something that is usually difficult for me since I do crochet so tightly. Not much more to say about this one except that I want to make the short version for my daughter for around her hips. Don't know when or what yarn at this time but it is just one more project to add to my list.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the Monet, Red Hart. Used it before to make my first, very simple shawl. Check out patterns on Lion Brand,, you haven't already.