Monday, February 1, 2010

Still Working GC CAL

As you can see I am now working on putting some of the borders on the rectangles and squares. I am a long way from finished as they get two rounds of border and I still have all but one of the small squares to make. But I am getting there.

I did take a small break yesterday to work on the Wooleater. I had more done but had to frog it as I made an error on the last round and thought it was wrong but it was me doing it wrong. I did not realize it until I frogged it. So I will go back to it later. As you see I am just using one color. But more about my plans when I get back to working on it.

Ghost, OUT!

1 comment:

Pammy Sue said...

Your CAL squares are looking good. And yay! Another Wooleater started! It soon gets very easy and repetative so don't give up on it.