Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sissy Project ~ Lotus Scarf

I am not happy with the results of this scarf. I ran out of yarn and it is discontinued. It is Lion Brand Boucle in Tangerine. I substituted WW yarn in brown from Red Heart for the last leaf.

Sis said that when she made hers the second leaf was bigger than the first, so she frogged and made it over using the first leaf pattern. Mine is smaller because I used a smaller replacement yarn. I am going to make another and hope it is better. This scarf is also too short. The pattern is from epattern. It is a great pattern and easy to work. I guess I am just too scattered to get things right these days.

Ghost, OUT!

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Wormie said...

Too bad the orange yarn is discontinues - it's really pretty! Try it again! It's a neat pattern!