Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crochet Hiatus

I am working on is this cute little Flower Face Scrubby. These will be given out at the baby shower to each guest as a gift. Not as a prize but each person will get one. I am using an "I" hook and Needloft yarn which is a slightly scratchy yarn. But according the label it does soften up after it becomes wet. But even if that does not happen it is soft to the face, when I rub it dry against my skin. I had made these in several colors: Pink, Beige, Black (Charcoal), White and Dark Royal. This is the pile now that I am finished, there are 51 of them.

I still have many projects on my hooks at this time but have decided that I am going to take a Crochet Hiatus. I have three books started that I really want to finish. So until I finish them you will not be hearing from me. Please do not worry about me if I am gone a while. I am sure it won't be that long. I will try to make daily visits anyway, if all goes well. I am off now to start my reading.
Ghost, OUT!


Pammy Sue said...

Yes, you absolutely must check in so we don't worry about you. And tell us what books you are reading, if you don't mind. I may need to run out and get one or two if they're really good. Please do let us know.

Have fun in your little reading world. I love it there.


Molly said...

Your gifts look great and will be much appreciated. I think you deserve a little time off after making 51 of them, wow. Like Pammy said, you must tell us about your book. We need a book review pleeeez. Take care and relax some.