Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pot of Gold Coaster

I was due for a new coaster. And April's Crochet Palette group had this pattern featured this month so I snapped it up in a hurry.

It is a pot of gold coaster for the month of March. She has a lot of other coaster patterns on her site so check it out. I used Peaches and Cream cotton in many colors. I did not have black for the pot so I used purple, which was the darkest color I had. My hook was an "I". Now I have something to rest my drink on again.

Ghost, OUT!


The Garden Bell said...

You can never have enough coasters or dishcloths, as far as I'm concerned. Make a baker's dozen....


Chela said...

So many things you have done!!!!!! I like those colors, over here they don't have those colors only pastel ones!

Have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Love the purple, so much better than black.