Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Do I Call A Scrap?

For me a true scrap is something that is too small to make a one round granny circle with. That would be 12 dc into a ring with a ss close.

This is truly not a scarp, I would call this a partially used skein. But I have called it a scarp. Due to the fact that I didn't have enough to make what I wanted to make at the time.

This is a true scrap, as I see it. There is not enough to make a granny circle with. How do I know this for sure? I tried it. It only takes a second. This will be added to a magic ball.

This final photo is also a scrap as there is not enough to complete a project with but really too long for just one granny circle. I could make several granny circles or I could use it as a strip or the beginning of hat as the top round or two.

So now you know what I call a scrap. I call all of these scraps even though technically they are not really scraps at all, except the middle one.

What do you call a scrap?

Ghost, OUT!


Molly said...

My scrap is the size that won't make 3 rounds of a granny square. Then my next scrap is the size that won't make 3 granny squares. Don't ask me how I measure it because it is more of a 'feel'. But no matter how much I have left I keep it, I am such a pack rat. 8>)

Sandie said...

I've been keeping my too small to use for anything else pieces for my daughter. She is making amigurumi and she uses them for stuffing. The way I tell if I have enough yarn is to keep a 12" ruler handy. If I can wind the strand loosely around the ruler 7 times I can make a granny's daughter. That is with an H hook. I did those measurements once and now I know. :-) If you want to try my measurements, I have them at the Cabana.
It's saved me so much time.