Friday, June 4, 2010

Two More In The Making

This is the scarf that goes with the hat I showed a while back. The pattern is Hat and Scarf Set for Men. For this set I made the hat with Red Heart Strata in Berry Berry, as you remember it was previously posted. I used a "K" hook this scarf is being made using the same yarn and hook.

This is the third scarf from the trio set at Nancy's Crochet, it is the cabled scarf and I am using Monet to make it with and an "H" hook. It is just bearly started.

Ghost, OUT!


3anklebiters said...

love the berry berry color!

Sandie said...

Oh that Strata has made a beautiful design! Nice job. I also love the colors in the Monet. I have used a yarn called Monet before. Do you know which brand it is?