Thursday, June 3, 2010

What I Have Been Doing In The Heat of Summer

Well, I don't know what to call it but I remember wearing them all the time as a teenager. They fit over your head and ears and tie under the neck. That is what this turned out to be. I used the stitch pattern from the Scarf trio set as the basis for this item. With this scarf called Bobbled Scarf, once again, I used Red Heart Strata in crayon and a "J" hook which is two sizes larger than requested by the pattern. I crochet tightly and felt it needed a larger hook. I am not real fond of the bobble stitch as I feel it is too fussy but this scarf appealed to me so I relented. I think this yarn color choice made it very colorful, and with the popcorn stitch it was a bit like a bunch of balloons floating in the air.

I was a bit confused at first by her directions for a bobble and they are more fitting to a popcorn stitch. But everyone had their own way of writing and referring to a stitch direction. I used a popcorn stitch instead of a bobble as I felt it looked more like the scarf pictured and also fit the directions of her Puff stitch better. One other thing I noted about this pattern. in the first row she does not mention that the chain 3 from the turning does not count as a stitch and it sounds like you should have 3 dc but you only have two, not three. It is not an easy pattern to ready but if you work it out in your head it is pretty when completed.

This is not a triangle, it is just a band across the head and over the ears.

At any rate it is not a scarf it is an ear warmer band because I hate doing this stitch so much as stated above it is such a pain to keep removing your hook. I like to just work along steadily. I will show what items I have in the making tomorrow.

Ghost, OUT!


Tina said...

Your ear warmer band looks cute. :)

Sandie said...

I think we used to call these baboushka when I was a girl though I never had one so pretty.

Sandy said...

My memory matches Sandie's, baboushka's, little triangles that tied under the chin when young, and behind the hair line in back when we got older. Had them in lots of fun colors.

Fun colors.