Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bubblegum Beanie

Here are four photos of the new hat I made. The pattern is from a magazine that uses English conversions for American stitches. It is called Inside Crochet the UK's only monthly magazine.

I did find that in the converting of these stitches that my work came out larger than normal. So, I would suggest you either use a smaller hook size or make the pattern that is smaller than the one you want. It offers three sizes.

It also offers different yarns that can be used. I used and "I" hook, next time I will use a smaller hook by two sizes, and Moda dea Fashionista in the color Boysenberry. That is a Coats and Clark yarn and I used two skeins together to get the bulk needed. This pattern is actually a one skein hat, meaning it uses less than one small skein of yarn.

The pattern is easy once you figure out the terminology and I love the look of the hat. The photos show the hat being worn right side out and inside out. Which is suggested in the pattern. I prefer the inside out look the best.

Ghost, OUT!

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