Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well we started the Bots today and he was really kind of fast but had way toooooooooo many parts for my taste. As you can see from the picture I did not make him according their recommendations. But he is okay in my book. I was a bit surprised at how large he turned out. I pictured them smaller.

I used Starlett yarn and a "D" hook because I work tightly. I will post others as I complete them. I hope sis posts hers also, since we are working on them together. Oh, and the pattern book was one that I won last year and is called "Crobots 20 amigurmi robots to make". I won it from over at Craft Gossip.

Ghost, OUT!


Nezumi said...

He's very cute, I like the the colours

June said...

Good Job!! He turned out so cute! I don't have the patience for making animals myself, so I admire yours!

Clara said...

You are really good at this!