Monday, December 27, 2010

Circular Shawl

This is the last item for this year, it is not completed so I will have to finish it in 2011. I am then looking forward to starting the Crobots tomorrow or as soon as sis returns home, as we want to work on them together. I do want to make a bib apron also, for next year as I discovered I needed one of these while cooking on Saturday.

So here is a photo of the shawl when I first started it.

And here it is now uncompleted, I still have about 2 rounds to work up. The two colors I used were Soft Sage and Pale Green in the Caron One Pounder yarn. I used an "L" hook.

This is a circle folded in half. When I started it I thought it was a half circle and was a bit confused while starting it, until I realized what was happening.

Ghost, OUT!


Sandy said...

Very pretty, do you stitch it together then after folding it in half? Happy New Year to you and yours, hope you're staying in and staying warm.

Ghost said...

no, it remains a full circle. See t he confusion. it is a full circle just folded in half.