Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I made two of these as I needed a set of potholders anyway. They are called Kaleidoscope Pot Holder. I found the pattern in Crochet World Mag., June 2008 issue, starting on pg.38. Using an "E" hook and #3 crochet cotton thread I started making the wedges.

After working the pattern for a bit I found the wedges to be quite easy to make and fast fun. But I must warn you. The pattern is fussy, by this I mean it involves a lot of what I call busy work or many steps to complete. But I do love the results. Oh, and they are double sided. So you do make four for a complete set of two.

Ghost, OUT!


Sandy said...

Wouldn't these make a fabulous afghan? A bunch of these would look, I think like a quilt. I'm not following though what you mean about 4 side for a set?

Love your choice of colors.


SandieP said...

Sandy, she means you make two for each potholder for a double thickness.

Ghost, love these. Love the colors you chose and I agree with Sandy, these would make a nice afghan.

Ghost said...

Yes, Sandie is correct. I did change the wording in the blog. And I also did not select the colors but chose the ones closest to those displayed in the book. But you ladies are too kind. And I agree it would make an excellent afghan. Sis and I discussed that as we worked on these.

Sandy said...

Thanks Sandie, I'm with ya now. Double thickness. You and your sis Ghost could whip up a ghan and have some fun.

Ghost said...

Sandie and I, Ghost, are not related. Sorry Sandy. But it would be nice anyway.

Clara said...

Perfect for gifts too.