Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Years Outfit for Luna

Yes, this is Luna's 2011 outfit from his auntie sissy. It is a poncho and hat set made from Homespun yarn in the colors of Dusty Blue, Florida Keys Green and Lemonade. Using hook size "H" and the pattern found at e-pattern central called Her Poncho and Hat I found that I still strayed from the original pattern. I either misread or did not understand the pattern and had to go off on my own to complete the hat and the bones part of the poncho. Shrug! I don't think Luna will care and think she will still look adorable in the outfit. I will post a picture of her in the outfit after I send it off and sis gets it. OH, and if you want to see last years outfit and her in it you can look here.

Ghost, OUT!


gkathgoldin said...

OMG I LOVE LOVE Luna in the outfit
~adorable~ this will be `too cute'
as always your crochet is THE BEST!
Oh I LOVE LOVE the Clown~Adorable~
the colors are `the Best' ...if it were a raffle I would want to win the raffle :>)
your friend

Sandy said...

This is darling! Partially cause I've always been partial to blue and green together, my favorite color combination.