Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trio of Headbands

I will talk about each of these seperately as the top, middle and bottom headband.

First the top one was made with RH Kids in Crayon and using a "G" hook. The flower is one I made, and displayed a while back, with French Crochet or my spoolie. You can see the post here. It will tell you what I did to make the flower. My daughter selected this one instead of the bottom one as hers because she loved the flower. I used the crochet head hugger pattern for the band.

The middle one is a repeat of one I already made called Ribbed Headband, this one has a butterfly instead of a heart on it and it is mine. I used a "G" hook for this one also. I used Jamie Classic in Peach for the yarn.

This bottom one is a creation of my own, including the decorative flower. I used a new to me stitch I found that is called Herringbone stitch. You can see the video for it here. It is so easy, I was amazed and could not wait to try it. So, I made a chain long enough to measure around my head, then I did three rows of the Herringbone stitch and added the little flower and sewed on some buttons. The flower is made with a pom pom center that I made myself. I used the same yarn as the top headband.

Those are my offerings for today. I am still on a headband kick so you will be seeing more. I am also only nine rows from completing the granny shrug for my grandson and I now have the elastic to assemble the clown so you should see him in a day or two. After that I have nothing on my hooks except the Faux Dr. Who Scarf. But my list of 'want to make' is quite long.

Ghost, OUT!

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Lea said...

those turned out great!