Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chloe Cap

This is a hat that acted as the home for one of yesterday's flowers. This hat was the largest one in the pattern from Annie's Attic called Chloe Cap.
The flower is from the pattern posted yesterday at Bonita Patterns. The flower was done with Caron yarn and the hat for today was done with mill ends surplus yarn and does not state a color. The yarn is lovely to work with and has a slightly silky feel to it. My hook was an "H" for the hat and a "G" for the band. Those are the sizes stated in the pattern.

I made this one for my sister and is a size 5. I now have to make two more, one for daughter dear, and one for myself. I will make those with a size 4 I think.

Ghost, OUT!


June said...

Oh, I love the hat and also the yarn. My green afghan was made from that kind & it made up nicely. Love the flowers, and especially the buttons!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, love all the flowers, but especially the ones with beads.

Anonymous said...

Hope I didn't post this twice. Anyway, love the hat and flowers, especially the beaded ones.
Alma said...

You continue to amaze me daily. I love you so much my dear sister. Hugs and love always and forever.