Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chole Cap II & III

This is the same hat done with the same yarn and hook size, but done in a size 4 of the pattern. I gave this one to daughter and she said it was her favorite hat. The flower on this one has wooden beads at the flower peaks in the colors of green and natural.

This is a picture of the hat as seen from the back. I think adding one of the Bonita flowers at the back of one of these Chole Caps would be a marvelous idea. This photo is of the hat made in the size 5 size.

Finally, this photo shows the cap from the side and is of the cap made yesterday.

I also made this one more for me in a size 3 for me and I will be using the flower from the pattern, but I want to try and make it larger. I used the flower from the pattern and added this pattern to make is even larger. I love how it came out and especially the colors, the size is perfect for my head. This will be my last of these caps for a while.

Ghost, OUT!

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Sandie said...

Even though I have never taken the time to do it, I love the way a hat looks with the added adornment of a flower. Someone will be blessed by this pretty hat.