Monday, May 2, 2011

Headband Disaster

I wasn't going to post this but I always show my disasters as well as my successes. This latest is a piece of jewerly that has been converted to "SHRUG", I don't know. For me I made mine a headband. The pattern is here for anyone wanting to try it.

I used my RH monet colored and Jamie Classic in lilac to make it with. I used a "J" and did mine in sc instead of the hdc as she did in the pattern. I was excited to do this project after I found it but my excitement waned as I progressed.

I suggest using a lighter weight yarn, fingering or sock or finer. Maybe even thread. Then I would also make it narrower. I used 9 sc across. I feel it was too many. But you can experiment with it if you choose to try it.

Ghost, OUT!


Sandy said...

Love the colors, very pretty together. It does sound like it would be heavy or warm as a headband. Maybe sport weight? I've been seeing people wearing necklaces and bracelets also that are crocheted. I've not tried any myself though.

Hope your next project goes better for you.

Sandie said...

We all have those types of projects that just don't come along as we thought they would. I have always liked the monet yarn. Very pretty.